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Social network sites – good or bad for employers?
November 6, 2009, 10:10 pm
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This is an interesting article that I found on the net which says “Social Networking Costing Companies”.

The link: http://bit.ly/gHuIM

The article reveals that 77% of workers in US who have a Facebook account check their updates at work. Similarly, 57% of UK workers log on to social networks regularly resulting in 40 minutes of lost worker productivity per day.

This has caused workers losing concentration on what they should be doing during work.

Philip Wicks, a consultant at London-based technology research firm, Morse PLC estimates that social networking during office hours costs businesses in the U.K. about $2.25 billion a year. Adding on, workplace consultants say the losses will grow as social and blogging sites attract even more users.

In conclusion, social networking during work has not only cost employers time, but also money!

I am quite surprised at the figure quoted. The amount of money lost could count up to billions! Employers must really do something about this. Well, some employers have already taken actions to prevent incurring further losses!

A recent survey shows 54% of U.S. companies have already banned social networking and blogging while on the job.

This is a video from CNN that shows the results from social site study with shocking figures: http://bit.ly/16huDL

Isn’t it interesting how facebook could benefit companies by providing them a platform to promote their brands, but at the same time it could do harm to their companies too?

There is no deny that social networking sites are growing larger and larger now and many companies are using them to market their brands. Some are even earning their livelihood through blogging! So much so, our lives seem to revolving around social networking sites. But the down side of it is that social networking seems to be overtaking the lives of the employees at work too.

As users of social networking sites, some are just simply addicted to them such as twittering all day and enjoying blogging about their everyday life or sharing interesting findings with their readers.

But let’s change our stand and put ourselves in the shoe of the employers. If we are the employers, what will you do?





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