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Guest Lecture
November 4, 2009, 11:52 pm
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Today, we had a guest lecture delivered by Pat Law from Ogilvy. *claps*

And it was early in the morning at 8!!! But I’m surprised that many came relatively on time. *claps again*

I think we are quite honoured to have her as our guest lecturer to share with us the insights on social media! Thank you Ms Pat Law! She is actually from the department call “360 degree Digital Influence”. What a cool name! The main role of the department is to promote and monitor their clients’ brand online.

So she taught us how consumers’ opinions be it negative or positive could be tracked down on forums, blogs, twitter, facebook etc. Moreover, you can even find out the details of a person’s twitter account or blogs through sites such as socialmention and twitalyzer.

Twitalyzer is used to evaluate how influential a twitter user is through statistics generated such as the % of influence the person has, how often they tweet etc. Other platform used to evaluate an influencer includes urlfan which tracks bloggers talking about you. All these sites help you to decide how much the user could impact your consumers’ decision making process. After which, you decide if you would want to pitch to them to help you write products reviews etc. There are actually some strategies that you will need to adopt and things to look out for before you pitch to them.

Firstly, you should do research on the blogger by reading their blog to understand what can be said and what not before you send an email to them.

Secondly, you must understand that bloggers are also looking for exclusive information to share with their readers too. You should give them product samples if you want them to write reviews for you.

Do not take them for granted and assume that they will take up your offer.

Crafting a pitch for bloggers indeed requires lots of thinking and skills.

Bascially, what we have learnt from her is that there is no privacy at all on the internet. Whatever we type, even the slightest comment can be tracked down.

For instance, boardtracker is used to track opinions on forums regarding a brand.

Your freedom of speech comes with the price of privacy.

Just a piece of advice: you can rant and rattle all you want on your blogs or social networking sites, but don’t forget that there are people watching you too. =)

For some people, they may state in their blogs that if you don’t like what I’m saying, you don’t have to visit our blogs. You may think that others can’t control what you want to say, but what I think is that they may not like what you say, but they do know how to use what you say to their advantage. Meaning, if companies are searching for feedback on their brands, events or customer service, they can easily use what you commented to improve themselves to suit the needs of their consumers. They may not like what you comment about their brands, but they understand that this information is indeed precious as they not only come free, but also help them think of ways to build a better reputation and serve their customers even better. They don’t have to do surveys or direct mail or spend money to get feedback on their brands; a series of clicks will just bring them to where they want. Aren’t these companies smart? So if you think you are smart, others are smarter than you.

If you are still thinking about the amount of privacy you have online, think twice before you type.


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