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Wisdom of crowd & facebook
October 31, 2009, 10:32 am
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This week’s nct discussion topics were on wisdom of crowd and facebook. So let me start with I’ve learnt about wisdom of crowd first.

Wisdom of crowd

The activity conducted by lumlum’s group was really fun, I thought. They separated caster and the rest of the class and every one of us has to guess the number of M&M’S chocolate in the box. And no discussion was allowed at all. In the end, the rest of the class excluding caster guessed the most accurate answer which is around 100+ while caster only guessed 60. The correct answer is around 145, I couldn’t remember the actual number. But this game taught me what is wisdom of crowd meaning a group of people is smarter than 1.

However, not all groups of people are wise. The characteristics of wisdom of crowds are diversity as everyone comes from diverse background, hence leading to each of us having our own views which vary from one person to another. The next few characteristics are decentralization, aggregation and independence which mean that our opinions are not influenced by people around us.

Lumlum’s group did a good job in leading the discussion with some interesting videos that I’ve never seen before. Yenling and Joreen also did a great job. I learnt so much from their presentation on facebook, specifically on the differences between a page and a group as well as how to create a professional profile.

I’ve got to say that their presentation is really systematic, their pop quiz was awesome! Made us recap the main points on a page and a group and sort of bonded the class together. Really had a fun nct class on that day! And for the final recap, they did a table with all the main points, I thought that was really a good one to summarize everything on their topic.

Let me recap on the differences between a facebook page and group.

Differences between a facebook page and a group

A page is usually used by companies to connect their brand with their consumers so that consumers can keep themselves updated on the brand by become their fan. Consumers can also write on the wall of the page. Companies should not be creating a group because a group is created for people with common interests or for a cause etc. Groups have administrators that manage it and there is restricted access to groups. In order to join one, you need the permission from the administrator, meaning you have to be approved by them first. Administrators also have the authority to invite others to join.

Secondly, a group can only accept up to a maximum of 5000 members while a page can have unlimited number of fans.

Both groups and pages can create events. However, events for groups are created more on a personal level and for small scale interaction whereas pages are more suitable for brands, businesses etc.

All in all, I have benefited from nct classes as these discussion topics actually increased my knowledge on the different platforms of social media, social networking sites and their usage.

Going off now, bye~


Minority Report
October 28, 2009, 9:23 am
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This has been a long delayed post since last wed. Everyone watched minority report during nct tutorial last week and it is really a great film, its so captivating. Minority report is actually a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. As it is a futuristic film, the story is set in 2054 where there is the existence of the Precrime police force which serves to arrest the criminals before they commit any crimes. These criminals were identified based on foreknowledge provided by the precogs. Some of the technologies featured in this film are holograms which I am amazed by it and also iris recognition. I think that it is quite creepy that wherever you go, you will be tracked down easily and this removes all the privacy that  a human being is entitled to.

The purpose of the special division is to create a world free of crimes which is similar to creating a utopian society.

However, let’s give it a thought. A utopian society refers to a perfect society that does not exist yet. Do you think that in reality, this kind of society will ever be created? A crime-less world? A world without death and suffering? Unless we have some really advanced science and technology in the future that will allow the creation of a utopian world, if not it is almost impossible! But who knows? Just like how people in the past decades with only TV, radio and newspapers may not have dream of social networking sites to exist and becoming another platform for receiving the most updated happenings and news around the world.

Like what everyone knows about twitter, facebook and blogs, these social networking sites are now prominent mediums to keep people connected from all over the world. Most of the people are gradually depending on these social sites to get information on the latest products, technology and fashion trends etc. Many companies are no longer depending solely on conventional advertising methods such as TV and newspaper to reach out to their target market.

Like the iris recognition technology used in the film, even though the precrime division aims to create a world without crimes, there is also a down side to this technology as human beings will lost the privacy which they are entitled to.

Now, lets think about the preent technologies we have. With the rising of these new communication technologies, what do you think are the pros and cons that come with it? On the positive side, I think that these social networking sites are definitely an approach that companies should maximize to reach out to their consumers. They allow immediate response from and to your customers which stimulates instant 2 way communication allowing their needs to be heard and addressed to as soon as possible. This could reduce the anxiety faced by your consumers and at the same time allow companies to build a better customer care service environment for them and hence, a better reputation for themselves as companies which prioritize the welfare of their consumers. With good impression, customers will in turn continue to support them. All in all, this is like a cycle that keeps companies and their consumers connected at all time. In my opinion, companies should leverage on the use of these social networking sites to promote themselves, understand their target market better and build on a mutual and beneficial relationship with them.

On the contrary, as these social networking sites allow you to make a lot of online friends, I think that the negative side of this is that it may decrease the ability of the people to make offline friends. The difference between online and offline communication is D.A.T.A (Distance, Appearance, Time, Anonymity). Even though online communication allows you to take on a different persona and some may feel more comfortable chatting online, they should also realize the importance of social skills when meeting people. Very often, be it schooling or working, we will always meet different people in different stages of our lives. When we start to work, it is even more evitable that we will be seeing all kinds of people. Hence, communication is very crucial here in order to understand our colleagues’ and clients’ needs and wants, their views and to avoid any conflicts and come to a consensus for any projects. As the saying goes “no man is an island”. No one is ever alone in school and work, everyone needs to work in teams to achieve a common goal.

All in all, nothing is flawless in this world just like how communication technologies can never be perfect. There is always a positive and negative side attached to it. It all depends on how we utilize these tools.

1st day of school (a boring title, haha)
October 20, 2009, 2:37 am
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Today is first day of school and first day of nct class. It was quite an enjoyable and interactive class. And I believe that the upcoming lessons will be more fun and will definitely learn a lot from each other since the classes will be seminar-like. A new approach of learning for me and I guess it will be a good start for this last semester in school. And I will get to understand how classes in university are conducted too.

It is already the semester of my 3 years in poly, time flies, no one can deny it. But most importantly, time is well spent during these 3 years. Leaving the school will no longer be the same. Working in the society starts another chapter in my life and opens up opportunities and challenges for me at the same time. But everyone has to look forward in their lives! Every chapter is precious and memorable.

Always believe in yourself! =)